Nine weeks to go

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Hi Pandas and Dragons.

I am getting really excited. How about you. The walkathon money is pouring in. Most of you have excelled at fundraising.

Ms Ware


After the Olympics?

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The Olympics finished on 24th August. What has happened to the Watercube and the Birds’ Nest since then?  Are they still in use for sport? Are they being changed for other purposes, such as shopping a mall? Here are the venues during the Olympics.

Cleaner air in Beijing … hopefully

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With the Olympics starting this Friday the Chinese government are trying to clean up the air quality in Beijing. They are trying to reduce Particulate Matter (PM) in the air. You can read more about it here. Unfortunately, it is not working:

Hopefully all the work they are putting in gets the air nice and clean for us in November 😀

Walkathon catch up session

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A reminder that if you did not attend the walkathon on Sunday there is a catch up session for Brighton students on Tuesday, August 12, at 3:30pm.

Meet Mr. Barlow in the undercroft!

China Gallery

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Check out these images of China and Chinese culture.

Sample of 07 Fiji activities and events

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Beijing – Olympic city!

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Dear Pandas and Dragons,

Beijing get ready – St Leonards is coming!


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