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Thailand trippers………keep looking up the details about our trip. The more you know before your go the more you will get out of the experience.

Do you know the names and historical importance of these two places????


Where’s the Wiki members?

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Hi everyone. I’ve invited everyone onto the Vietnam wiki, but have only heard back from a few. Please check your emails for my invitation – it may have gone to your spam folder because I invited 24 people at a time. Email me ( if you didn’t get an invitiation and I’ll give you a personal invite.

I need you to get onto the wiki so we can start organising t-shirts for the trip. So sign up and get communicating.

Looking forward to China

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Looking forward to visiting China in 2008. We had a fantastic time in 2007. My highlights were handfeeding the pandas, walking along the great wall of China, a night time boat trip in Shanghai, working with the Xinxing kids, going on the Maglev (very fast train) and discovering a country that is so full of contrasts in so many ways. Can’t wait for a whole lot of new experiences in 2008! Here is a photo of the mural that we did at the Xinxing centre…putting all our handprints around the edge was lots of fun. Now our mural is all framed and hanging up in the Xinxing centre. Here it is!

The mural we did at the Xinxing centre

The mural we did at the Xinxing centre

Thailand Tee shirts

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Here is the Tee shirt design for the Thailand trip. This will be approximately A3 size on the back of a grey Tee shirt. The writing will be in White not in Black but if I wrote in white here you wouldn’t see it!!!

Xinxing Aid for Street Kids

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The kids at the Xinxing Centre will appreciate all that you provide for them…as well as pre-loved clothing, you can bring along small Aussie toys (koalas, kangaroos etc), picture books, sports gear and games. Perhaps there are a few things in your cupboards at home that are no longer useful to you…they just might be fabulously received by the kids at Xinxing!

As we stay in the Chinese hotels before our visit to Baoji, you’ll be encouraged to collect all of the giveaway toiletries in the bathrooms (eg/ toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, slippers) and then to donate those to the Xinxing Centre. When the street kids are reunited with their families, they receive a small package of these hotel freebies as a gift.

Here’s a photo from the 2007 tour, showing the Xinxing kids waiting to choose their items.

Cheers everyone…not long now!!!


Intrepid thailand trekkers

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Hey guys, me again. Been doing some learning about this blogging business. Click here and you’ll learn a little bit about the bridge over the River Kwai. There’s mention of an old movie you can have a look at. Borrow it over the holidays, maybe have a ‘Trekkers’ movie afternoon – forget the popcorn, order in Thai food and enjoy!

My trip to thailand in 2007

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Hi Guys

Here are a few photos (of the hundreds I took) when I went to Thailand last year. Just to give you a small taste of what you will be experiencing in only 8 weeks time!

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