It’s Fijian Time!!!

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Hi everyone…the countdown to Fiji has begun!  I hope you’ve all managed to raise as much money as possible for the wellness centre and are now planning what to pack for the sun, sea and sand of Fiji!  I’m so excited, and can’t wait to get my open water dive certificate complete so that I am ready and prepared to explore the underwater world!

'Fijian Time'

'Fijian Time'

This trip will be an experience of a lifetime!!!


Salut from Madame T

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Hi members of the Pagoda group!  You may even hear a little French when you are travelling.  I wonder if you can find out why?  Your knowledge of history could be very helpful!


I’m so excited about our trip and am looking forward to getting to know you all very well indeed.

Message from your leader.

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Templers, it won’t be long now!  Hope you’re all getting as excited as I am.  Don’t forget to bring your passport and a photo and the medical form for the September 7th meeting.  See you then.

Mr Parrott

You can see Thailand, Burma and Laos

You can see Thailand, Burma and Laos

Ms Vivien Norton heading to China.

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Hi fellow travellers,

Made in China

Made in China

I’m looking forward to the Big Experience which started for me yesterday when I had some vaccinations for the trip! All good though, no side effects. I’m looking forward to seeing, learning and experiencing all that China has to offer. It should be great.


Vivien Norton

CHINA Dragons!!!

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Nanjing Rd at night, near People's Square

Nanjing Rd at night, near People's Square

Was great to meet you all on the walkathon day a couple of weeks ago. Looking forward to the info night coming up on September 7 – don’t forget to bring your medical forms with you!

Ms Williamson

Pagodas blog 09

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The countdown begins! In 10 weeks we will be on our way. We’ll be saying goodbye to friends, family, pets and Melbourne and HELLO to heat, bustling cities, luscious landscapes, amazing experiences and a bunch of fabulous new friends!

Can’t wait!!

first blog from Bu Ambrose

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Wow…this is great! It won’t be long now until we are on our way! How many more sleeps? I know that this trip is going to be awesome and I am so happy that I have been invited to be a member of the Temple Team. I am looking forward to getting to know you all, especially the students from Patterson River, who I met for the first time on the Sunday of the walkathon. This journey to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos is going to be adventuresome with lots of wonderful experiences to share! Go TEMPLE TEAM!




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