Ken Jolly Visits China for the First Time!

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I am travelling with the Warriors to China for our visit in the Big Experience.  It will be fascinating to see the famous sites and buildings I have heard and studied about for years.  I am also looking forward to meeting and getting to know our group members.

Terracotta Warrior

Terracotta Warrior



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Looking forward to a trip of a life time. Great weather, fantastic food, great scenery and new and tantalising smells. Sound good? Then make sure you have done all you need to do to be ready.

China Warriors

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Hello to the China Warriors. My name is Annemarie Denton and I have been teaching at the Cornish campus for 10 years. Looking forward to getting to know the students from Brighton on the Big Experience trip to China.

China fundraising…

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Xinxing Centre

Xinxing Centre

This is where your fundraising efforts will be directed. The combined tallies of the Warriors and Dragons groups will assist with the purchase of a new block of land in Baoji. Bluescope Steel Australia has committed to the construction of a new building.

China Warriors…the countdown is on!

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Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

G’day guys,

Hope you’re looking forward to the trip as much as I am! This year’s trip should be the best one we’ve offered so far, as we’re including a few days in beautiful Guilin and Yangshuo.

Try to collect your fundraising money ASAP…I’ve only accounted for nine people at this stage…they’ve submitted about $1500!!! Fantastic work.

If you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to come and see me in my usual haunt (Yr8 office). See you all next Monday night for the Info Evening.


30 more SCHOOL days to go until the Big Experience is upon us!

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So fellow Fiji travellers I hope you have started to think about the awesome adventure that is almost here. We actually only have 30 more “work/school” (not including the holdiays) before we will be taking off to the paradise they call Fiji.

IMG_1884 (Large)

Get used to seeing loads of beautiful images and wonders of nature, particularly wonders of nature under the water.

The view from Nabukeru Village at sunset 2008

The view from Nabukeru Village at sunset 2008