Hello to all travelling to China in 2010! I have just been in contact with Mr Du who is in charge of Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids, which will be the recipient of your walkathon money. I asked Mr Du to clarify what items would be helpful for us to bring for the children at Xinxing and for the outreach rural communities. Please see his response below:

So nice to hear from you, I am sure you all began to prepare for this interesting traveling, as you understand well of what the children need, they do need what you mentioned below, such as clothing, shoes, schooling supplies as well as some daily necessities( the size should be suitable for children aged 7 to 16, children children’s size is not as big as yours),we all think that anything you may bring us will be helpful and very meaningful, because most of the need of the impoverished children wherever they are from are always similar.
Also as we have started outreach program in rural mountain areas for preventing more children in desperation ending up in the street since 2008, so far more 130 children have been included into our outreach program,as the demand from them are always big, so whatever you faculty could bring to us at the convenient ways, it will be fine and helpful for our kids.
I put Helen in CC, she will be again with our Max to communicate with you coordinating everything relating to this amazing visiting, anything you need us to cooperate beforehand, please feel free to contact Helen directly, she will be very happy to help and assist in.
We are looking forward to meeting you all in Nov
Best regards

A family assisted as part of Xinxing's 'outreach' program

Du and team