To the Warriors and Dragons,

This morning, I went to Southland to exchange Australian dollars for Chinese Yuan. The current Reserve Bank exchange rate is 6.2Y to the dollar. Selling prices for Chinese Yuan are less than this, however – the banks have to make a profit!

I would avoid Travelex ((inside Harvey World Travel, opposite JB HiFi)…they offered me only 5.31Y to the dollar. When I suggested that this was a bit low, the guy ‘upped’ the offer to 5.5Y.

The money exchange adjacent to Flight Centre at Southland offered 5.79Y (they have no fees). I ended up going to Westpac bank…they offered me 5.7934, but there is a 5-day wait for the cash. There is also a small fee.

So, if you are taking some cash with you, get it changed at the bank or at the Flight Centre annexe. Don’t wait to buy at the airport, as you will only get about 5.3Y.

Good luck,