Fiji are leaving the airport

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Fiji have landed at Melbourne aiport and are just departing on the bus now.

The should be at the South Rd gates by 4.45-5.00pm

Luisa Ingram


Fiji flight to Melbourne is on time…

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I have checked with Melbourne airport and flight QF439 is due to arrive on time.

Their estimated time of arrival at school is still 4.30-4.45pm.

See you there.

Luisa Ingram

Fiji on their way home…

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Our Fiji travellers have safely landed in Sydney. The flight to Melbourne is scheduled to leave Sydney airport at 2.00pm. At this moment their expected time of arrival back at school is still around 4.30-4.45pm. They will not have to go through customs as this would have been done upon their arrival in Sydney.

I will post another update when they have landed in Melbourne.

Luisa Ingram

Fiji – Day 17

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Today we started off with breakfast at the hexagon hotel. Our first tour for the day was to Loutoka Fijian Primary School in Loutoka. We started off being introduced to the principal and he gave us a talk about the school, its history and the schooling system in Fiji. We were then split into two group and given a tour of the classrooms. We went into a form 1 and form 8 classroom and introduced ourselves to the students. In the form 8 classrooms we exchanged names to look each other up on facebook when we get home which is exciting! In the form 1 class the children sung us a series of songs in English. They were so loud, happy and enthusiastic it was so cute to see! At lunch time we participated in a number of activities such as netball, volleyball, cards and a big game of duck-duck goose which consisted of the whole school.

 After our goodbyes, we got back on our bus to Nadi town for our own personal shopping. It was a great experience as the teachers gave us the power to shop solo (in groups of three, but without the teachers watching us)! After we finished our shopping, we started our long hard journey home by taking the local bus. Not long after we left the Hexagon Hotel once again to go to the Novotel hotel for dinner and a traditional Fijian show. In the show there were firewalkers, belly dancers and fire twirlers. It was a five star performance.

We arrived back at our hotel to find that letters from our families has been delivered from Malevu village via one of the village boys who has been working alongside our tour leader. This was an emotional part of the day to say the least but we appreciate our families taking the time to write to us and in return we shall write back soon. I can’t believe that we are leaving Fiji tomorrow and that our big experience is over L!

By Nina Argy and Harley Hirsch.

 Miss you mum and dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Vietnam Red – Day 16 and Day 17 – We’re home.

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DAY 16

This morning we were pleased with a little sleep-in, before getting on a bus and driving through the busy streets of Ho-Chi-Minh City. We arrived at the international departures level of the airport about 45 minutes later. From there we said good bye to our fantastic trip tour guide; Tri, and thanked him for all the valuable stories and information he had shared with us (so amazing to have firsthand knowledge). We checked in, got our tickets and sent off our bags. We only had to wait a brief hour, meeting up with Vietnam Yellow during, before boarding the plane bound for Singapore and taxiing to the runway. Compared with the various bus trips and flights earlier this was very short and in no time we were at Singapore. We arrived at Changi Airport for a long 5 hour intermission before our flight to Melbourne. We had a lot of time to kill.

We’d heard that the Laos and Cambodia students would be meeting us at Singapore airport so we were all very excited to see our friends. When we met them there was lots of hugging, laughing, telling stories and looking at photos. Singapore airport was really impressive; everything was extremely clean and easy to find, before we knew it, it was time to board. Everyone was looking forward to getting back to Melbourne and seeing their families again, and to sharing the incredible adventures we had and give out our presents.

Some photos of our last night in Vietnam.

Matt S and Kirstin

DAY 17 – We’re home. After a very smooth flight from Singapore we touched down in Melbourne a little later than predicted. Thank you to everyone involved in the Big Experience. The students and teachers of Vietnam Red have had an amazing year, culminating, of course in the past 17 days in Vietnam. We know that the students have many treasured memories – building the house in the village; listening to Tri talk about his life; swimming in Ha Long Bay; understanding that food and family are the most important things in life and coming together as a strong community. Vietnam Red are an extraordinary group of young people and it has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of their journey.

Joss Reinshagen; Robyn Marshall and Barry Tudor (Team Vietnam Red)

China groups have left the airport…

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Both buses have now left the airport. Their ETA is 12.20-12.30

Luisa Ingram

warriors and dragons are in customs…

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The update at this moment is our travellers are in customs. They are estimated to arrive at school around 12-12.30pm.

Luisa Ingram

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