We awoke to the now familiar sound of a phone ringing and the undecipherable voice of a Chinese wake up call. After a beautiful night’s sleep in our groovy new hotel rooms, we sleepily arose from the best beds we’ve had in weeks. The day was still young yet we were all looking forward to what we had heard was going to be an amazing day and what a day it was.

As we packed our bags for the 12 hour day ahead of us, we could feel the hunger setting in. When we arrived at breakfast we could not hold back our tears of joy when we saw the feast which was waiting for our hungry stomachs. Breakfast was complete with everything from Milo cereal to steamy pork buns. It was the banquet we had all dreamed of the night before.

As the clock struck half past nine we were well on our way to our first destination, The Bund. After a cramped subway journey, we arrived at Nanjing Road. From there we began our walk to the Shanghai river front, commonly known as The Bund. The Bund displays what many think to be the perfect contrast of the old and modern sides of Shanghai. Boasting old architectural feats of the British concession on one side and amazing modern structures such as the Pearl Oriental T.V Tower on the other, it truly is a sight worth seeing.

We then travelled across the Bund in an underground tunnel, featuring an amazing light show, to the base of the Pearl Oriental T.V Tower where we ascended to the startling yet awesome height of the viewing deck. The glass bottomed floors of the viewing deck challenged even the bravest of the group.

Following our nail biting experience we were then taken to the Yu Garden market where we were given a full 2 hours to explore the miscellany of stores that lined the area. Following another round table meal, we were treated to a breath-taking river cruise which displayed a night view of Shanghai.

Over the course of the day we students enjoyed the lovely contrast of what is Shanghai by day and by night. We then embarked on our tiresome journey back to our swanky hotel via subway. The importance of plane groups became a vital tool in keeping the group together through the hustle and bustle of Shanghai’s Metro. The hotel was a welcome sight as our group of 28 students dug deep to find the energy to drag their sore feet to their ritzy rooms.

What turned out to be one of the longest days of our trip also became one of our most memorable. The sights of Shanghai, by day or by night, are truly spectacular.

By Jordan Loschiavo and Oscar Garrington