All safely arrived and cleared customs…

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…10.42 leaving the airport right now…expected to arrive 11.30am.


Ready to go

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All checked in at Kota Kinabalu international airport-ready to come home ….

Borneo-Day 7

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All going very well and according to plan: Took early plane to Sandakan. More details to follow as Internet up and down as in the Jungle now.

Borneo Day 4

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After the most amazing morning at our sister school with stunning presentations, such as dances, games and songs, we are now heading off to Mamutik Island.

Borneo Travel Update

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The Borneo flight is scheduled to arrive about 20 minutes early (8:50pm was 9:10pm). We will attempt to update this post with an estimated time of arrival at the College later this evening.

UPDATE: The Borneo group are about to jump on the bus (10:00pm) at Melbourne airport so should be arriving back at the College at approximately 10:45pm.

Borneo day 17. The great Race

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gemma's team at the national mosque

This will be our last message to you all because we will be leaving for home in the morning.

We woke up to another enormous buffet breakfast. It was hard to believe that this amazing experience was almost over as it was our last day. Today was the Great Race which everyone was very excited about. We broke off into three groups of eight and set off with our guide and teacher. In our group, we had Bu and our much loved guide for the past few days, Zu.  Each group went in different directions.   We walked to Independence Square, where we had to take a photo of the Malaysian flag on the largest flagpole in Kuala Lumpur and a photo in front of the Royal Selangor Club. We had passed this location yesterday so it was helpful to have a bit of background information on this club. It is a Tudor style building as it was built when the British still had control over Malaysia. After a short walk we reached the Mesjid Negara (national mosque to those who don’t learn Indonesian). It is a beautiful building with an umbrella style roof.  We had to put on mauve burquas and take off our shoes before entering.  We were able to see where the men say their prayers but we were not allowed right inside.

Some groups went to the Central Market to find items on the list such as an unusuak soft drink, a locally made cake or a hair ribbon.  Some groups walked from place to place and some used the monorail or elevated trains.  We had to have an imaginative group photo (see below) and a photo with a guide at the mosque.

what a difference from the jungle!

One of the compulsory tasks was to visit the Menara Tower (420 m) that looms over the city.  Some of us went to the observation deck (270 m).  The weather was clear and KL was laid out below us.  Pictures above the windows identified the main buildings.  We were able to pick out some of the buildings we had seen yesterday on our tour.  It was definitely worth the cost of going to the top.  Two of the groups found time to do some last minute shopping at Bukit Bintang Shopping Centre. One group finished the race two hours before the deadline, the second half an hour before and the third arrived 20 minutes after four.

We had our final meal in a private room at the hotel and after eating, Bu Ambrose presented awards to everyone and Mrs Wragg told us the results for the Race and gave us all a small present.  Bu, Mrs Wilson and Mr Parrott all commented on the trip and how well we had all worked together.  We have to get up at 5 am tomorrow so we are busy packing and getting ready for bed.

We are sad that we are leaving but it will be good to be home.  See you tomorrow!!!

written by gemma, an awesome team leader and intrepid traveller

A final note from bu

Thank you every body! What a great trip! You were wonderful travel companions and I love you all!

at the mosque. the winning crazy photo from the great race

the photo above is the winning crazy photo from the great race. 

getting a boost out of the trip


Flashback to the Bondulu children’s home

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We were just sent this photo. we thought you would like to see it!

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