Day 16: Ho Chi Minh City

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The journey for the yellow team came to an end with a cyclo ride around the City of Ho Chi Minh (in the morning prior to leaving Vietnam). What an amazing journey it has been!

Rachael and Reuben

Emalie and Daniel

Mrs Tattersall

Perry and Allie

Rhiannon thanking, Tree (our Tour Guide) on behalf of the Yellow Team


Day 15: Ho Chi Minh City

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The following photos were taken on the last night of our stay in Ho Chi Minh City. The students purchased their dresses and suits in Hoi An.

Daniel, Rachael, James and Josh

Christian, Darcy, Josh, Jack and Josh

Emma, Paula, Allie and Sara

Some of the girls prior to going out for dinner

Emalie, Steph, Tarryn and Ruby

Rhiannon and Laura

Emma, Becky and Tiana

Vietnam Travel update

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Vietnam has arrived in Melbourne early, 7.18am. We’ll update this post with an estimated time of arrival at school as soon as they are leaving the airport.

UPDATE: The buses are loading up at Melbourne airport (8:35am). It is expected that both Vietnam trips will arrive back at the College at approximately 9:30am, depending on traffic.

UPDATE 2: The buses have just turned off Todd Rd, Port Melbourne (9:15am) so should arrive at approximately 9:40am.

Yellow Group Memorable Picks

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James and Reuben handing over a cash donation to the family of So Village, Mai Chau

Some of the group members handing over gifts to the children in So Village, Mai Chau

Who could forget the chicken dance on the last night at So Village, Mai Chau

Family members at the So Village, Mai Chau

Sophie with one of the local children, Hanoi

Temple of Literature

Our visitation to Ha Long Bay Caves

Daniel during the visit to Ha Long Bay

These girls had a great time in the rain during our visit to Hue

Cu Chi Tunnels

Tree, our Tour Guide, sharing his personal experience of the Vietnam War

Laura at the Orphanage, Ho Chi Minh City

Day 15: Ho Chi Minh City

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Our last full day in Vietnam! How time has flown (literally). Knowing this, we were keen to make the most of every opportunity on our second last day in this wonderful country. The phone rang at 6.00 am for breakfast as we were due on the bus for a 7.30 am departure to the Cu Chi Tunnels (located in Cu Chi), approximately two and a half hour drive from our Hotel. Weaving through the traffic in Saigon, we arrived at Cu Chi after 10.00 am. The Cu Chi Tunnels were of great importance to the Viet Cong in their resistance to American forces, through which they secured American withdrawal from Vietnam and ultimate military success. It was very interesting to experience the tunnels first hand by crawling through them. It is amazing how the Viet Cong soldiers managed to live in these tunnels for months.

Reuben experiencing the Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels (Tank) - Yellow Group

During our visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels, we had lunch by the Saigon River. Our journey then took us to the Thien Phouc Orphanage for children with special needs which need love and care. It was challenging but graceful playing with the children.

Laura at the Orphanage

We departed the Orphanage after spending about one and a half hours with the students and travelled to the War Remnants Museum. The Museum was very confronting but also interesting.

After our experience at the Museum we went back to the Hotel and dressed up for our last dinner. On arrival back to the Hotel, we reflected on our amazing trip.

Josh and Darcy

Day 14: Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City (or Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh)

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This morning we travelled by bus to Da Nang airport, where the American Military personnel were first sent to fight in the Vietnam War (in 1965). After our short flight to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) airport, we embarked on a bus ride to our city Hotel. Ho Chi Minh City, situated on the banks of the Saigon River, is vastly different from any other city we have visited. The city’s core is adorned with wide elegant boulevards and historic French colonial buildings. Once we checked inn, we went shopping at various local markets which were very crowded. Later that evening, we had dinner and then enjoyed some more shopping.

Yellow group arriving at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Josh and Christian

Day 13: Hoi An

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This morning we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. After breakfast, we were free to roam and explore the city of Hoi An at our own pace, taking in the traditional architecture and shopping till our wallets dropped. Our free time was also an opportunity to collect our tailor-made outfits and everyone was quite pleased with the result. It was a nice and relaxing day, as we’ve been extremely busy this past week and a half, so everyone needed a break. We met at the hotel at 4:30 pm and embarked on an hour long boat ride. We got a lovely view of the river and the city of Hoi An. After our boat ride we walked to a nice restaurant for dinner and had a lovely meal. Afterwards we given more free time, but advised to prepare for the busy few days ahead of us.

Relaxing on the boat


Toby, Josh and Nathan relaxing on the boat

Rhiannon enjoying the evening boat trip

The yellow group enjoying there evening meal

Rhiannon and Laura

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